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For Sale - Baltimore City Police Motto Decals

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Baltimore City Police Motto Decals

We had these made, for either the Motto or the Retired patch. Decals can be purhased for $7.50 each and we'll get it out to you right away... As with the sales of the patches, the decal sales, help to keep the site up and running. They help us pay for information we have to buy to keep the site up to date, knowing when Station houses were opened, uniforms were changed, different units began, when and where our brothers were when they fell, all comes as a result of the sale of these patches, and decals. So we hope you will not only buy a patch or decal but that you will help spread the word, so others will buy them too.

As well as helping to keep our other programs going, we are also working to add additional pages and modules to the site in the future. As past and present police of Baltimore's Police know we were part of something special, this site helps keep the department we knew alive, and as such this site has become known as one of the best, Departmental history sites on the web, thank you for being a part of it, and helping to make it happen.

Motto decal

Window Decal - Like the Retired Patches above, these Window Decals are full of color, they hold up well in all types of weather and look great, selling for just $7.50 including shipping they are beautiful, and will help keep your history alive. Currently there is just the one size we are working on getting more. 

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