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For Sale - Large Pink Baltimore City Police Patch

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Pink Baltimore City Police Patch
Shoulder size

Breast Cancer Awareness

Our Motto Established by 9 November, 1880
"Semper Paratus, Semper Fideles, Ever on the Watch"

These cost a little more, but are well worth it. They are limited, and will hopefully cause our Women to think proactively, early detection can, and does save lives. These come in two sizes also, the smaller patches are our standard $7.00 patch cost, but the larger Full Size Shoulder Patch is a little more still even at $10.00 they are still a great deal, and as limited as they are, this could be your only chance to get them  - We got such a good response on these that we decided to re-purchase another batch of them and to make things easier on Patty we kept the price down to $6.00 like all other patches in our collection.

(Quick Note: None of our patches look as good in pictures as they physically do in hand. We pay a little more for our patches, so that we can bring you the best. We have had companies approach us, with better prices or with promise to beat anyone price... The problem isn't price, it is quality. We currently deal with the best company we could find, a company that provides tight stitching, and most accurately depicts our artwork. We need the best so that we can keep our site up and running. So we hope you will buy our patches, and or make donations.)

All of our patch sales go toward upkeep and maintenance e of the site, the $6.00 covers the cost of shipping. You can pay by sending cash, check or money order to us at 8138 Dundalk Ave, Baltimore MD 21222 checks can be made out to either Patty or Kenny Driscoll.

Devider color with motto

Note; This was our within our last patches made, and we encountered obstacles with the earlier patches, but since then we had learned what we needed to know to get the patches we wanted. In this case, we wanted to make a patch that would remind our ladies in law Enforcement and our family of the dangers of Breast cancer, and the importance of early detection. Patty mom is a breast cancer survivor, and I wanted something to make the girls in our family. Our natural and police families, to do the things they need to help prevent it, or catch it early. So we made a patch that automatically makes everyone think, of Breast cancer, and from there we hope they will take the steps to help fight breast cancer.  Early on while designing patches we figured it would be best to call down to legal to see about obtaining permission, we were told, it would take a long time, and most likely be shot down, the person I had talked to knew of me, and some of the things I had done both while on the department, and since retiring, so they said, "You didn't hear this from me, but, while I can't give you permission to use the current patch, I can't stop you from using the "City" Patch. I actually like the City patch better, and when it came time to resize things to fit retired in, The City Patch looked better anyway, and being a BPD History guy, “City” on the patch is kind of cool, some of today’s police didn't know City used to be on our patch. These are several shades of pink to get the perfect look, it could have been done with fewer shades of pink and would have saved us money, but these are perfect, I am sure you will like it, even if only because it is Pink, and for you it may have no connection to Brest Cancer Awareness, it is still a good looking patch

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