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Retired Baltimore City Police Patch
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Our Motto Established by 9 November, 1880
"Semper Paratus, Semper Fideles, Ever on the Watch"

Our Retired Patch is similar to the Baltimore "City" police patch worn from 1968 until 1974 when they removed the word "CITY" from the patch. There are several rumors as to why "City" was removed, everything from saving money, to an argument between the Mayor and Commissioner, to the Commissioner not thinking we need to explain who we are, 'County" police was "Baltimore County Police" but, The "Baltimore Police" was so well known, we didn't need to explain whether we were “City” or “County”, But the one that makes the most sense considering the ties and what was going on in Baltimore at the time had a lot to do with image. Around that time, Baltimore was converting to a tourist town, they felt, removing "City" from highway signs leading into Baltimore making them read, “Baltimore 25 miles”, vs. “Baltimore City 25 miles”, and “Baltimore Police”, vs “Baltimore City Police”, would help our image.  By 1880 manufacturing had replaced trade, and the city was nationally known as an important industrial center. Mayor Donald Schaffer was hoping by 1980 to have converted Baltimore City into a tourist town. Dropping “City” from everything, helped in changing our image, and the transition was a success. July 4th 1980 The Inner Harbor was booming 

All of our patch sales go toward upkeep and maintenance e of the site, the $6.00 covers the cost of shipping. You can pay by sending cash, check or money order to us at 8138 Dundalk Ave, Baltimore MD 21222 checks can be made out to either Patty or Kenny Driscoll.

Devider color with motto

Note; This was our first patch, and we encountered several opsticals, we wanted to make a Retired Patch, and due to cost, we figured it would be best to call down to legal to see about obtaining permission, we were told, it would take a long time and most likely be shot down, the person I had talked to knew of me and some of the things I had done both while on the department and since retiring, so they said, "You didn't hear this from me, but, while I can't give you permission to us the current patch, I can't stop you from using the "City" Patch. I actually like the City better, and when it came time to resize things to fi Retired in, The City Patch looked better anyway, and being a BPD History guy, City on the patch is kind of cool, some of todays police didn't Know City used to be on the patch

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