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Ever on the Watch
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Established on November 9, 1880
"Semper Paratus, Semper Fideles, Ever on the Watch"

Our Motto is an interesting history, the discovery of it, is just as interesting, it was found in the book Our Police 1888, and dates to between 1880 and 1886... part of the Motto which is made up of three Mottos, teo of which are used by the military, The first the US Coast Guard, the second the US Marines, now what's interesting is the second part of the Motto, Ever Faithful, or Semper Fideles. Baltimore Police started usig this sometime between 9 Nov 1880 and 10 Nov 1886. The U.S. Marines began using the motto in 1883 -  So essentually we started using it around the same time. Baltimore having used it as part of their motto either 3 years before, or 3 years after... the Marines. The truth of the matter is; It doesn't matter who used it first… all that matters is both the U.S. Marines, and the Baltimore Police have lived it, and lived up to it since before either of us adopted the motto! This Motto, is about, men and women, backing up men and women, to better protect the men and women of our country, and of our communities. So when you hear someone say, "Semper Fi" hold your head high, knowing this saying has a deep history in your Baltimore Police Department. 

All of our patch sales go toward upkeep and maintenance e of the site, the $6.00 covers the cost of shipping. You can pay by sending cash, check or money order to us at 8138 Dundalk Ave, Baltimore MD 21222 checks can be made out to either Patty or Kenny Driscoll.

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