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Patrolman Teddy L. Bafford

On this day in Baltimore Police History 15 Oct 1964, we lost our brother Patrolman Teddy L. Bafford to gunfire based on the following:

A policeman was shot to death last night in the 3300 Block of Garrison Boulevard almost immediately after he reported an earlier shooting to Police Headquarters on a callbox. Patrolman Teddy L. Bafford, 33, of the Northwestern District, was shot about 10:30 p.m. and died en route to Sinai Hospital a few minutes later. Police apprehended three young men, one with a gunshot wound in his foot, within fifteen minutes. They were the same three Patrolman Bafford had reported as being wanted in connection with the shots fired at a couple down the block from the callbox. Patrolman Bafford was shot once in the back and once in the nose, according to hospital officials. Police and witnesses gave this account of the patrolman’s death: Patrolman Bafford, a 14-year veteran of the Police Department, had been in a restaurant in the middle of the 3300 Block of Garrison Boulevard when he heard a shooting… The policeman went outside to investigate and found the couple that said three men in a 1962 green sedan had fired them at. Patrolman Bafford went to the callbox at the corner of Garrison Boulevard and Liberty Heights Avenue and reported the shooting to Police Headquarters. He said that the three young men were riding in the car, one in the back seat. Emanuel Brown, an attendant for a filling station near the callbox corner, said he saw the policeman making the telephone report to Police Headquarters and then run suddenly south along Garrison Boulevard. “Then I heard three shots fire and ran out and saw the officer on the ground,” he said. Police swarmed the shooting scene and picked up three young men. Inspector Frank J. Battaglia said one had been shot in the foot but made it clear that Patrolman Bafford had not done the shooting. Patrolman Bafford left behind a pregnant wife and two children. Patrolman Bafford served in the U.S. Marines from March 1949 to March 1952, he saw combat in Korea and was discharged with the rank of Sergeant.

As his brothers and sisters of the Baltimore Police Department we will not let him be forgotten, His service Honored the City of Baltimore, and the Baltimore Police Department may he rest in peace, and may God bless him.

 deviders our fallen

More details

Name Description
End of Watch October 15, 1964
City, St. 3300 Block of Garrison Boulevard
Panel Number 25-E: 5
Cause of Death Gunfire
Weapon - Handgun
District Worked Northwestern

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