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Baltimore Police History Downloads


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Act of 1784 Establishing a Nightwatch and Lamp Lighting System
1861 BPD Rules and Regulations
Baltimore Police History - Charles D Gaither
Fifteen Years of Progress - Donald Pomerleau
Baltimore Police History - Leonard Hamm By Eugene Ohara
Crime Lab Guide 2003
Cherry vs. Mayor City Council 2nd Trial Decision
Cherry vs. Mayor City Council 3rd Trial Decision
2011 Letter from the Hon Judge Garbis
Baltimore City Police History of our Badge by Mike Lingner
Baltimore City Police History of E&T
Policing 19th Century Baltimore by Eugene Ohara
Article from 1773 Calling for a Nightwatch
Baltimore Police History - Frank Battaglia
Baltimore City vs Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark vs Martin Omalley
Baltimore City vs Eugene Cassidy 
FOP Blueprints for Improving
FOP Lawsuit
History of Policing 
O'malleys Commissioners
O'malleys Commissioners 3-4-05 
Majors Changed 7-17-02
Forced Retirement 4-1-05
Light Duty Agreement 3-10-05
Light Duty Agreement 3-12-05
Report of Board of Police Commissioners 1872

Report of Board of Commissioners 1865
Communication from Mayor 1861
James H. Preston (1860-1938)
Our Police 1888
  Our Police Pt 01 Our Police Pt 02 Our Police Pt 03 Our Police Pt 04  
Our Police Pt 05 Our Police Pt 06 Our Police Pt 07 Our Police Pt 08
 Our Police Pt 09 Our Police Pt 10 Our Police Pt 11 Our Police Pt 12 
Our Police Pt 13 Our Police Pt 14 Our Police Pt 15 Our Police Pt 16
 Our Police Pt 17 Our Police Pt 18  Our Police Pt 19 Our Police Pt 20
 Our Police Pt 21 Our Police Pt 22 Our Police Pt 23 Our Police Pt 24 
 Our Police Pt 25 Our Police Pt 26 Our Police Pt 27 Our Police Pt 28 
 Our Police Pt 29 Our Police Pt 30 Our Police Pt 31 Our Police Pt 32 
  Our Police Pt 33 Our Police Pt 34 Our Police Pt 35 Our Police Pt 36 
  Our Police Pt 37 Our Police Pt 38 Our Police Pt 39 Our Police Pt 40 
Our Police Pt 41 

1968 Riot Reports
Agnew & The Riot 1968 Mapping Riots 1968 Part 1 - Mapping Riots 1968 Part 2 - Mapping Riots 1968 Part 3 
Mapping Riots 1968 Part 4 - Mapping Riots 1968 Part 5 - Mapping Riots 1968 Part 6 
Mapping Riots 1968 Part 7

Gassinger Scrape-book 68 riots Pt1 - Gassinger Scrape-book 68 riots Pt2
Gassinger Scrape-book 68 riots Pt3 - Gassinger Scrape-book 68 riots Pt4
Gassinger Scrape-book 68 riots Pt5 - Gassinger Scrape-book 68 riots Pt6



May 20-30 1968

May 20-31 1968 Pt1 - May 20-31 1968 Pt2 - May 20-31 1968 Pt3
May 20-31 1968 Pt4 - May 20-31 1968 Pt5 - May 20-31 1968 Pt6
May 20-31 1968 Pt7 - May 20-31 1968 Pt8 - May 20-31 1968 Pt9
May 20-31 1968 Pt10 - May 20-31 1968 Pt11 - May 20-31 1968 Pt12
May 20-31 1968 Pt13 - May 20-31 1968 Pt14 - May 20-31 1968 Pt15
May 20-31 1968 Pt16 - May 20-31 1968 Pt17 - May 20-31 1968 Pt18
May 20-31 1968 Pt19 - May 20-31 1968 Pt20 - May 20-31 1968 Pt21
May 20-31 1968 Pt22 - May 20-31 1968 Pt23 - May 20-31 1968 Pt24
May 20-31 1968 Pt25 - May 20-31 1968 Pt26

1861 Report from Police Commissioners 

1861 Report from Police Commissioners Pt1
1861 Report from Police Commissioners Pt2
1861 Report from Police Commissioners Pt3

1907 Baltimore Police History

1907 BPD History Book Part-1 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-2 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-3
1907 BPD History Book Part-4 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-5 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-6
1907 BPD History Book Part-7 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-8 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-9
1907 BPD History Book Part-10 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-11 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-12
1907 BPD History Book Part-13 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-14 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-15
1907 BPD History Book Part-16 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-17 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-18
1907 BPD History Book Part-19 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-20 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-21
  1907 BPD History Book Part-22 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-23 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-24
1907 BPD History Book Part-25 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-26 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-27
1907 BPD History Book Part-29 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-30 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-31
1907 BPD History Book Part-32 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-33 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-34
1907 BPD History Book Part-35 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-36 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-37
1907 BPD History Book Part-38 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-39 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-40
1907 BPD History Book Part-41 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-42 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-43
1907 BPD History Book Part-44 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-45- 1907 BPD History Book Part-46
1907 BPD History Book Part-47 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-48 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-49
1907 BPD History Book Part-50 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-51 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-52
1907 BPD History Book Part-53 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-54 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-55
1907 BPD History Book Part-56 - 1907 BPD History Book Part57 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-58
1907 BPD History Book Part-59 - 1907 BPD History Book Part-60
Devider color with motto

Please contact Det. Ret. Kenny Driscoll if you have any pictures of you or your family members and wish them remembered here on this tribute site to Honor the fine men and women who have served with Honor and Distinction at the Baltimore Police Department.

Anyone with information, photographs, memorabilia, or other "Baltimore City Police" items can contact Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. follow us on Twitter @BaltoPoliceHist or like us on Facebook or mail pics to 8138 Dundalk Ave. Baltimore Md. 21222

Copyright © 2002 Baltimore City Police History - Ret Det Kenny Driscoll


#1 patty 2015-05-16 10:37
If you have pictures, Comments, Suggestions etc. please send them to me at the email address above, as you can see Ken and I have put much of our time and money into this project, so we don't mind errors pointed out to us, just as Ken's partner used to say, "Keep it Friendly!" send Ken or me and email.. thanks - Patty

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Baltimore City Police History
  Baltimore City Police 39 Minutes of TerrorLOMBARD & CAREY Hail of sniper bullets in 1976 changed five lives forever. The incident forever changed the Baltimore Police Department One Officer dead four others shot and critically wounded A detailed account of the incident from official reports including the time ...
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Baltimore City Police History
  The Baltimore FloodIn 1868, The Jones Falls OverflowedCausing a Disaster Known as "Baltimore’s Black Friday Flood.” In 1868, the Jones Falls overflowed, a disaster now known as Baltimore’s “Black Friday Flood.” The flood, which is illustrated above on the cover of Frank Leslie’s Illustrated, took 50 lives and caused millions of dollars in ...
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Baltimore City Police History
HISTORY of FOP LODGE #3 These are Old Brass Printers Plates for FOP Letterheads and Envelopes FOP Stamps Some background History on the FOP Logo The five-cornered star reminds us of the allegiance we owe to our Flag it is a symbol of the authority with which we are entrusted. It is an honor the people we serve bestow upon us. They place their confidence and trust in us to do the right thing, ...
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Baltimore City Police History
    Our PoliceRemembering Our Heroes  MOTTO OF THE DEPARTMENT  "EVER ON THE WATCH" CITATION OF VALORSworn members who have sustained gunshot wounds, stab wounds, or serious injury under aggravated and hostile circumstances which could result in death or permanent disability while acting in their official capacity are eligible for this ...
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Baltimore City Police History
  Baltimore City Police   Wagons in a Pinch Sun Paper Jun 29th 1949 BY FIRST HAND TESTIMONIAL, Baltimore’s new police wagons are vehicles in which their passengers are proud to ride. They are roomier, more fordable, faster, of smarter design and, in dozens of other ways, a world of improvement over the department's former free transportation fleet. The enthusiasm of the ...
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Baltimore City Police History
  Police History It is no secret that America inherited much of its governmental institutions from Great Britain. American law enforcement is no exception. British policing can be traced back to before the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. The first Europeans who landed on our shores, found a strange and wondrous new land, inhabited by strange and wondrous people. The newcomers had ...
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Baltimore City Police History
    The Maryland Seal and the Baltimore Arms For The SunCOSMOS The Sun (1837-1987); Nov 1, 1880; pg. 6 The Maryland Seal and the Baltimore Arms In the Library of the City Hall you will find two electric types, one of which is called “The Seal of the State of Maryland” the other “The Coat of Arms of Lord Baltimore” and the ...
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Baltimore City Police History
Women and the Baltimore Police Department Timeline of some of Baltimore's Women in Law Enforcement In the 1915 BPD Rules and Regulations, a Policewomen's job was described as Rule 20 Page 48-49 Matrons of the Police Force (Policewomen) 1. Matrons of the Police Force (Policewomen), are conservators of the peace and members of the Force; they are amenable to the rules and regulations of ...
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Copies of: Your Baltimore Police Department Class Photo, Pictures of our Officers, Vehicles, Equipment, Newspaper Articles relating to our department and or officers, Old Departmental Newsletters, Lookouts, Wanted Posters, and or Brochures. Information on Retired or Deceased Officers and anything that may help us to Preserve the History and Proud Traditions of this agency.
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